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Nike Sportswear Store: Hong Kong

April 30th, 2009 by Larry

Nike Sportswear Hong Kong

Last summer I had the pleasure of previewing the newly opened Nike Sportswear flagship store at 21 Mercer in NYC along with it’s opening festivities. In true Nike fashion, I was invited to check out NSW’s digs in Hong Kong. Although the store’s Grand Opening has long past (it opened in October of 2008), I still wanted to take advantage of a rare opportunity to feature an HK destination that should be on the top of everyone’s lists when visiting.

See the rest of NSW Hong Kong after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mixt: An Atlanta Compilation

April 29th, 2009 by Larry


Atlanta mainstays, Criminal Records and Creative Loafing have gotten together to release a compilation mixtape featuring Atlanta’s most talented artists. My personal fav has to be Grip Plyaz. I just like the attitude he brings when he’s flowing. FYI – There’s a download link at the bottom of this post.

There are 2 record release shows where you can score the 500 limited edition vinyl EPs:

N.E.C., Grip Plyaz, the Balkans, A. Leon Craft.
$10 (includes vinyl LP).
Thursday, May 7
7 pm
290 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

Stanza, Carnivores, Mums FP, Predator.
Sunday, May 10
3:30 pm
Criminal Records
1154-A Euclid Ave

Full tracklist:
1. Predator – “You”
2. Grip Plyaz – “Fuck Dat Hipster Shit”
3. Anna Kramer and The Lost Cause – “I Can’t Take It”
4. A. Leon Craft – “Spaced Out”
5. The N.E.C. – “Cruel Sea”
6. Stanza – “A. Town Love”
7. Zoroaster – “White Dwarf”
8. Balkans – “Violent Girls”
9. Carnivores – “Shark Teeth”
10. Mums FP – “Cause & Effect”
11. Abby Go Go – “The Lost Song”
12. Spree Wilson – “Travelin’ Man Blues”
13. All Night Drug Prowling Wolves – “Dance Again”
14. G.G. King – “Drug Zoo”
15. Noot d’ Noot – Fingers Like Steeples
16. Batata Doce – “Corda Bomba”
17. Facehugger – “Through the Air Vents”
18. The Coathangers – “Stop Stomp Stompin’”
19. 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra – “East Atlanta Passover Stomp”
20. Customers – “Howling At The Moon”
21. Danny! – “I Want H.E.R. (She’s So Heavy)”
22. Supreeme – “I’m On Fire”
23. Derek Lyn Plastic – “Run With Me”
24. Withered – “Reveal the Essence of Suffering”
25. Pill – “Lookin’ In”
26. Thy Mighty Contract – “Bats in the Dark”
27. Jeffrey Butzer – “Theme for a Tailor”

Download (via Creative Loafing): Mixt: An Atlanta Compilation

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Set It Off: Cory Patton

April 29th, 2009 by Larry


Cory Patton

King Alga, The Warrior, Black Jesus, The Truth, Big O, Grime, General, Damaga, King, Knowledge, Jeru, That Dood “a few more but, I plead the 5th on those. Might have rents on them.


Where are you from?
The South: Tuscaloosa, AL aka Trill Town, AL aka Tough Town, AL

Who do you work for? 
Standard/ El Bar/ Street Local/ My friends…

What are your Current Project(s)? 
Just wait, and you’ll be shocked.

Who would you love to work with?
Movie: Robert Deniro & Clint Eastwood
Music: Premiere, RZA, Pete Rock, Ghostface, 9th wonder, & Jay-Z
Clothing: Alife, Supreme, Hundreds, Undefeated, Neighborhood

If you had to give all your sneakers away to charity except for one pair, which ones would you keep? 
All of them, wouldn’t keep any.

What’s on your iPod right now?
Wutang, Ghostface, The Otherside, Haz Solo, Gucci Mane, OJ the Juiceman, Gorilla Zoe, Nite Ratz Mixtapes, Pipomixes, Pete Rock, DJ Premiere, Boot Camp Click, Master P (Old Shyt), Big L, Biggie, Fat Joe, 2Pac, Tribe, Kurupt, Big Daddy Kane, Roots, I’m really into trap/grimey music now.

What’s your Favorite ATL food?
Bookhouse, Silver Grill, & any place with a good burger & wings

What’s your Favorite ATL hangout?
I try to go a few places but I enjoy El-bar and the W on Thursdays.

What are your Pet Peeves?
People that big-up thereselves when u meet them. U know” I got this / I’m a rapper / I’m T.I.’s cousin…”

Shout outs?
Street Locals: Tim, Ryan, Myk, A the Monster, Christy, Ginsu, Aaron(Joneses), (Crooks) A.C., Radar, Shane, BlngXBdgt, Cody, Bobby Billions, A-Huf, Colin, Jimmy, Cristo Melio, Sumner, Zach Wolfe, Dax, Rob & Rosa Wonder, Lan, Malik, Sharon, (Nite Ratz) Slugger, Presto, Cristo, Big Ricky, Matt Lezecko, Lauren “Fly” Bird, Asian John, Cobra Corps, (Carpe/Rowdy) Greg Mike, Andrew Kline, Henry Broggi, Nicole, Al (saint 48), Jest (Alife), Vik (Nike), (Process) Georgios, Larry, Vadal, Ross, Sam, Gerad, My bros: Ku Ku, Demone, Hollywood, Big Dog, Moo!!, Lil Mot, Brandon, Gavin “can’t wait for u to get out” Patton, Zach Gable, Malcolm, K.J., Reggie (Brave Bernard) Caleb Gauge, DJ Smiles, (Lavish Life) Grip, Kei, Kim, Mums Fp, Super bird, Lauren, Sarah, Maria x5, Lisete, April, DJ Hotsauce, DJ Jelly, Wutang, Sandra Brooks, (QC click) Jhonatan Connely, Darrell Rice, Jen (the Legs), Tonya Kelly, Amanda, Carey, Adam, Kacy, Rachael, Barry, JYML, Chris, Damein, Drew,Steve Boogie, Chris Mink, Laura Mink, Herman, Hiram, Ed, Colleen, Kevin, Tara, Kent & Erin Congrats!!, Jason, Ashely, Coke, Kelly’e, Channel, Brain, Kiddo, Kyle, (The Otherside) Keno, Wallsauce, Haz Solo Wojo, Joy, Cindy, (Corner heads) Cowhead, Scar, Brandon & Miya Bryant, Jeff, Decautar Dan, Nellie, Mo, Northstar X,, If i forgot u I’m sorry, till the God hour!!

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Hat Trick Recap

April 28th, 2009 by Georgios


This past Saturday night, we were involved in the Hat Trick event at Halo Lounge. The guy in the photo sporting the Nokahoma fitted and Tomahawk tee is Chris Mosier. Chris is new to EC and will be helping us out for the next few months. He did a great job helping with the event even after the night before. Thanks to FN Socials for including us in the show.

Check out more photos at The Midnight

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DC Shoes x Standard – Admiral Hightop

April 28th, 2009 by Georgios


After years of having their feet planted firmly in the Atlanta lifestyle market, Standard opened the doors to it’s second location in Lenox Square. To commemorate the expansion, Standard has partnered up American footwear giant DC Shoes for their first collaborative efforts. The goal in this collaboration was to represent design elements that have always been strongly present in the motif of Standard. The true red color embodies the strong presence of red accents at both locations along with the green laces and insole, which represent the artificial turf that covers the floor at the new store, as well as the live turf used at various events at the original location.

Check out more at the Standard Blog.

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Keepin’ it Local

April 28th, 2009 by Larry


Howdy from the other side of the globe! I’ve been in HK for the past few days and I thought it’d be nice to rep StreetLocal (one of our favorite brands/crews from ATL) while on the go. I’ve been using this StreetLocal Gentleman comb every day to keep my mane in check. As soon as I have a chance to edit my photos, I’ll post some interesting stuff I’ve been working on. It’s fun being in Asia but I can’t wait to be back with the crew in the Dirty-Dirty. Let’s get it Hawks!

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Madonna of the Roses

April 27th, 2009 by Georgios


At the last Process x El Bar party, we gave this piece to Rob Wonder and Rosa. It was influenced by the El Bar Mary t-shirt that we collaborated on. We are working on something special with El Bar so stay tuned for more.

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Photo Friday: Peter Funch

April 24th, 2009 by Ross


While perusing the world wide web this week I came across something that made me stop in my tracks and sucked me in for quite some time. The work of Peter Funch is something that engaged me in the imagery, which is something that I could only say about a handful of photographers before I found his work. This isn’t to say that while looking at photography I am not totally engaged, but this work in particular is something that really drew me in. His concept is simple enough, take a series of images from a specific spot and then take sections that match and turn them into a single image. For example take everyone from one scene that walked through the frame that was wearing the color white and make a single photograph out of those people. Sounds simple enough but when you see the images it really takes you back. I’m a huge fan of images that suck you in like Funch’s work does and if you like what you see you can check out some more of his work after the jump.

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Hat Trick at Halo

April 24th, 2009 by Georgios


This Saturday, FN Socials, Christys’ Hats and present Hat Trick at Halo Lounge. Christys’ Hats will be providing you with some of the finest hats and a photo booth for some photo ops. Sounds by DJ What! and 2 local favorites, J Sol & Apple Juice. Also, Midnight Socialite will be there to take your picture, so dress proper. There will be giveaways from Christys’ Hats and of course PROCESS, so come early. Doors open at 10. for no cover before midnight.

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US Royalty & Friends – Sweet Virginia

April 23rd, 2009 by Larry

Photo by Alexey Yurenev

Done to Death artists, US Royalty, just recently collaborated with Joseph Pepper from Cartel & Stuart Luptin from The Child Ballads / Jonathan Fire*Eater covering The Rolling Stones “Sweet Virgina.”

I had a chance to catch up with Joseph at El Bar a couple weekends back and he mentioned that the idea for collaborating was very impromptu, yet welcomed. Apparently he hit the studio immediately, recorded the guitar track, and was pleased to hear the final result!

Download: US Royalty & Friends – Sweet Virginia

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