Reppin’ in Charlotte

April 16th, 2009 by Larry


Our buddy, Myk Pate, sent me this photo of him and BLNGxBDGT (Bling on a Budget) on the Camden block in Charlotte. If you didn’t already know, PROCESS is available at Black Sheep located at the fork on Camden Road. It’s great to see the line being embraced by what is quickly becoming our home away from home.

As a side note, we’re bringing BLNGxBDGT to El Bar on May 22nd in what will be the 1st of many SWARM [ATL Edition] parties that we’re throwing in conjunction with Kitchworth. Fun times coming this summer!

7 Responses

  1. Myk Says:

    All day bredren..thanks again.

  2. C R I S T O Says:


  3. The Joneses Says:

    What’s that pose called?

  4. Nhate Ghreat Says:

    C’mon man, how old are youu guys? Quit posing like you’re sixteen and you just got your swole on. Not trying to hate but this is just a real bad look.

  5. Nhate Ghreat Says:

    oh, and I feel bad for the shop that let you pose like that in their space. You’ve tainted it.

  6. Larry Says:

    wow, dr. jones and nhate ghreat hating on the camden boyz… lot’s of hate on the blog lately…

  7. Myk Says:

    No worries homie, just trying to show off the tees, it’s the same pose I look at your girl when she don’t have my money.
    Street Local 404

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