Nike Sportswear Store: Hong Kong

April 30th, 2009 by Larry

Nike Sportswear Hong Kong

Last summer I had the pleasure of previewing the newly opened Nike Sportswear flagship store at 21 Mercer in NYC along with it’s opening festivities. In true Nike fashion, I was invited to check out NSW’s digs in Hong Kong. Although the store’s Grand Opening has long past (it opened in October of 2008), I still wanted to take advantage of a rare opportunity to feature an HK destination that should be on the top of everyone’s lists when visiting.

See the rest of NSW Hong Kong after the jump.

The entryway of the store is designed to feel like you’re in the concourse of a sports area and is lit with neon lights.

These LED tickers display Nike related messaging tying into the atmosphere of the 21 Mercer store.

A view of the interior. It has some unique elements of it’s own, such as the concrete slabs and pillars. But it also reference’s the 21 Mercer store, calling out treatments such as the wood paneling and LED tickers.

A very desireable pair of Tier Zero Air Max Current 90‘s. You can only get these in few places on the planet.

Probably my favorite sneaker to come out in the past year. Fusing an old school icon with new school technologies: The Tier Zero Flywire Air Max 90 Current. So sweet.

The Cortez is back in ’09. The Cortez Flymotion (Top Row and a few in the middle) takes the classic Cortez and reinvents it using Flywire and FREE technologies.

Some new colorways of the Terminator Hybrid. Another old school/new school release.

One of the signature pieces of the Nike Sportswear collection. The Flywire Windrunner. It has super-strong construction, yet is super lightweight. This jacket weighs less than an iPod. No kidding. Also pictured are are the Lunar Mariah, Air Max 90′s, and an SB backpack reminiscent of the Buzz Lightyear backpack from a year ago.

Hanging Windrunner jackets, including the women’s version of the Flywire Windrunner. The Men’s jacket colorway represents sunrise and the Women’s represents sunset. Both drawing on the ACG color palette.

NSW tee made from Japanese Loopwheeler Fabric.

Vintage Tennis Classics. The HK kids love ‘em.

Last, but not least. The Air Yeezy. Probably the most sought after colorway. Dropping on May 2nd in select stores worldwide. I know Standard and Niche are definitely getting them in the Southeast.

Air Yeezy

Air Yeezy

…And some clothes to match!

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