Photo Friday: Tim Barber

May 1st, 2009 by Ross


So I’m going to hate myself for writing this next line because of how cliché it sounds, but here it goes. I really like Tim Barber’s work because it leaves you asking questions. Okay, now that you’re done laughing, seriously take a second and look at the pictures. To me it seems like there is an open-ended question about something related to the narrative of the image, which makes me enjoy this work even more. Barber approaches photography in one of my favorite ways: simple, natural lighting, with a shoot-from-the-hip mentality; capturing everything and anything that comes his way. It makes for some beautiful images and this proved to be a good approach considering he is now shooting for the Urban Outfitters catalogs. Not only is he working on making photographs for himself but he’s also working on a really great magazine called The Journal which has some really great work. I have a feeling that we will be seeing a lot more of Tim Barber in the near future.








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  1. spd Says:

    knife hits! pre and post.

  2. Cory Patton Says:

    Knife hits are so dank!!

  3. input Says:

    Knife hits remind me of college.

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