Photo Friday: Peter Yang

May 8th, 2009 by Ross


This week I helped out Morel Studio Support for a couple of days and got to work with my friend Bobby. He was telling me about how he got to assist for Peter Yang on the last cover of Rolling Stone with Lil Wayne. I remember seeing that particular image for the first time and how impressed I was with it. Really there isn’t anything to the image that blows me away as far as lighting and concept is concerned and I think thats why I love it. Everyone knows who Lil Wayne is but to see such a simple picture of him I think is such a great contrast to what we’re used to seeing on his album covers or hearing in his lyrics. Just another fine example of simplistic lightinig and how effective it can be and even an awesome success story. Yang is about 30 years old and started shooting for a newspaper in Austin, TX about 10 years ago and now he’s shooting covers for Rolling Stone. I wonder what he’s gonna end up shooting another 10 years from now? If you want to read more about his approach to another assignment you can check out an awesome article here (its kind of photo nerdish but still an awesome read).









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