Free Pie ATL

May 15th, 2009 by Ted


Relish, the creative event design company that burst into the Atlanta scene planning and executing the PROCESS launch circuit in March is now up to something pretty big. Pretty big, pretty yummy, and totally free. Free Pie!

The catalysts, Melissa and Reena, have this to say: “The world is kinda crazy. FREE PIE isn’t. Join a burgeoning movement. Make a pie. Pick a spot. Give it Away. Yep, it’s that simple – no strings, no logos, no agenda – just a random act of kindness.”

This Saturday, May 16, starting at 2:00pm, free pieces of homemade pie will be given away at over a (baker’s) dozen locations around the city. Go here for more info on locations to grab a slice and how to sign up to help if you’re interested!

3 Responses

  1. Firebrand Says:


  2. spd Says:

    sounds like a hepatitis outbreak waiting to happen:)

  3. freebird Says:

    There is no way I would even touch a bite of smoething that someone made and I didn’t know the enviroment from which it came.

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