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May 19th, 2009 by Larry


Welcome to East Point! We’ve recently moved our studio space (again) to the origins of the world-famous Outkast. Despite the props from everyone as a result of our recent Vimby.com studio tour and interview, the time felt right for the move. We haven’t completely finished unpacking, but we wanted to show off the new spot that we’ve already dubbed, The Treehouse, due to it’s intentionally unfinished interior.

The studio was originally built as a photography studio.

[Above] Desks and Work area / [Below] Screen-printing set-up and Production area. This photo reminds me of that scene in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou where you see a cross-section of their boat, The Belafonte, and all the inner workings. Love that movie!

Our glass table, used for exposing screens, isn’t currently set-up yet. It’s currently just a table for holding random supplies.

Georgios is hard at work on some PROCESS Summer 09 graphics.

We might be dusting off some old films and reprinting some favorites… stay tuned.

Me, replying to an over-abundance of emails that come in on a daily basis.

An anime babe, from my recent trip to HK.

Here’s Erin working hard on the PROCESS online store updates for this summer.

Our staircase.

We started a postcard wall at the top of the staircase, currently holding a message from Ted who just moved to NYC. Send us a note!

PROCESS samples on display.

A sweet print by our friend, Ryan O’Malley, from Charlotte.

Gotta have the Gorillaz…

A postcard from Jarno Kettunen.

A stained glass EC.

Come by sometime and we’ll show you around!

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9 Responses

  1. Ted Says:

    love the space guys!
    looks like i have a place to crash when i visit?

  2. Jordan Says:

    It’s gonna get hot as shiot upstairs… what’s the address? I have mucho postcards to send

  3. moe Says:


  4. Firebrand Says:


  5. witt Says:

    looks rad!

  6. Mick Says:

    Nice, it looks like a tree fort.

  7. Mike K. Says:

    looks sweet. whatever’s on George’s screen appears to be creating wind in his face/hair.

  8. Epidemik Coalition » Blog Archive » Mikkey Halsted - Hello Says:

    [...] This is the first taste we get from Mikkey’s The Last Shall Be First EP produced by Mr. Money Machine aka Don Cannon and it’s a certified banger and very appropriate for Memorial Day. It’ll be on heavy rotation in the Treehouse all summer long. [...]

  9. KJ Says:

    yup…I’m swinging through on my next trip to Atlanta.

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