Photo Friday: Ross Martin

May 29th, 2009 by Ross


So this week I decided to do something a little lighter considering last week was kind of gloomy. You might have read the title and thought to yourself, “Oh great, Ross is doing another post about himself. Awesome.” But thats where you’re wrong! This weeks photographer might have the same name as me but its not me! After some google searching I found Ross’ work and was kind of surprised that there was another photographer out there with the same name as me. But not only does he have the same name but he’s also based in the Pacific Northwest which is where I was born! Martin used to be a staff photographer for a newspaper in Oregon before changing his focus to fine art landscape photography and moving to Seattle. Martin uses a 4×5 camera to make his photographs which I have to applaud. 4×5 cameras are a totally different beast and to be able to use one to make landscape images like this is a hard thing to do. Either way its kind of cool to find someone else out there with the same name doing the same thing that you do!









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