Photo Friday: Greg Slater

June 5th, 2009 by Ross


This week I worked for a very talented product photographer here in town by the name of Greg Slater. Slater specializes in product photography and is one talented dude when it comes to lighting. I mean, look at how interesting he can make a cup of coffee look! When I was back at Portfolio Center we had a still life class where we had to bring in images from photographers that we liked. I found a really interesting image of a wrench that I wanted to try and copy in my own special way. What I didn’t realize when I picked that image was that it was from Greg and that he was based here in Atlanta. Needless to say I was surprised when I checked his website after getting a call for work and realizing that he shot the wrench that I loved so much. Greg is a cool dude and has an amazing eye for lighting. I decided to share with everyone my version of the wrench still life. Its not nearly as good as Greg’s but I will admit it is cool to see the two side by side. If you’re looking for more of Greg’s work you can find more at his website .

On a small non-photo related note, LET’S GO MAGIC!










Wrench by me…

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