Guerilla B.B.Q.

June 10th, 2009 by Larry

A lil’ slice of Americana right here.

Last weekend, Georgios and Cory decided to get everyone together for a Guerilla B.B.Q. (basically a grill-out that’s planned on the fly). After securing all the gear from friends (I provided a propane tank and grill brush) we were ready to rock. We were lucky to have some great buddies come through, including Myk from DMN in Charlotte.

Check out some photos taken by Denys Meak after the jump.

Love this photo

All wet


Designing my burger

@kingalga, @emwhykay, @larryluk

Denys’ lil bro. I forgot his name. UPDATE: His name is Paul @apaulstrophe


4 Responses

  1. Ben Says:

    to be continued…

  2. The Joneses Says:

    Great pics.

  3. kneesee Says:

    thanks for the love! more guerilla bbqs plz.

    p.s. his name is paul “@apaulstrophe”

  4. Radar Says:

    We need to recreate BBQ in Charlotte this weekend, POOLSIDE!!!

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