Photo Friday: Madonna in Sepia

June 12th, 2009 by Joe


What up world? This is Joe, filling in for Ross for this week’s Photo Friday. I came across this article a while back analyzing a photograph taken by Madonna’s publicity team as she goes through the process of adopting yet another Malawian baby. In a bid to make her attempted adoption look more romanticized, Madonna has created a bit of propaganda with the above photo. Martin Parr explains the motives behind converting the photo to sepia after the jump:

“Choosing sepia is all to do with trying to make the image look romantic and idealistic. It’s sort of a soft version of propaganda. Remember when the colour supplements used to run black-and-white pictures of famine and hardship? Some still do. They do that because they want to make it look more authentic. But it’s a fabrication. You can’t shoot in sepia, so converting into black and white and then into brown makes everything feel less real.

Madonna is a clever person and this image is all part of a rigorous attempt to persuade the Malawian courts that her adoption should be allowed to go ahead.

As well as the photo being sepia, there appears to be a subtle soft pink hue on Madonna herself. I guess this is the colour of reassuring, concerned maternity. You can imagine Madonna and her team thinking this through in the same way an advertising campaign is orchestrated.”

Read the rest of the article HERE.

I can picture Madonna’s team sitting around a desk with this color photo and figuring out how to make it more appealing to the Malwaian courts:

Madonna: “So what do you guys think? How can we sex this up??”

Publicists: “hmmm…What if we convert it to black & white? Make it look like a classic hero image!”

Madonna: “No, we did that last time. We need something original.”

Publicists: “I’ve got it! We’ll convert it to sepia!!

Madonna: “PERFECT!! That baby is as good as miiiiine!”

When did celebrities become propagandists? How about supplying these families and villages with the resources and means they need to raise their own children?

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  1. R - Junkie Einstein Says:

    Delicious baby juice, fresh squeezed! She’ll live forever on that.

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