Set It Off: Danielle Glasky

June 24th, 2009 by Larry


Danielle Glasky



Where are you from?
Originally Vallejo, California but now it’s looking like I’m from Atlanta. Been here longer, anyway. Can’t deny your roots, tho.

Who do you work for? 
Octane Coffee, for the next 3 weeks anyway. Then I’ll be working for Stumptown Coffee NYC!!

What are your Current Project(s)? 
Making things taste amazing!!! We’re working on this single origin espresso from Ethiopia that has been rocking lately. It’s like purple and green skittles. I’m also working on my moped. Does that count? It’s a project. And moving. 

Who would you love to work with?
Luckily I work with the coolest effing people at Octane, but I do have my coffee crushes I would love to collaborate with. Like Aida Battle from Santa Ana, El Salvador. This woman has three farms in El Salvador and does some ridiculously amazing coffee. Kentaro Maruyama is also a badass and I would love to learn his zen ways of cupping coffees.

If you had to give all your sneakers away to charity except for one pair, which ones would you keep? 
I have these old green vans slip ons that I CANNOT get rid of because I wore them on my first trip to Japan. I will probably move them around forever and grab them quickly if my house begins to burn down.

What’s on your iPod right now?
I’ve been marching backwards in time and revisiting a bunch of shit I used to listen to like Dismemberment Plan, Tristeza, Tortoise… then there’s Broadcast, the Field, Yo la Tengo, Lilys, and Stereolab.

What’s your Favorite ATL food?
arvers- god I’m going to miss this place, specifically the pulled pork. And the BBQ Tofu taco at El Myr. And the deviled eggs at H&F rock my world.

What’s your Favorite ATL hangout?
When I’m not at work I’m at Method Coffee Bar during the day and at Leon’s Full Service or the Brickstore Pub at night. 

What are your Pet Peeves?
People on their cell phones at the register or iced espressos or gender related comments regarding coffee.  i drink my coffee black thank you very much because it tastes DELICIOUS this way.

Shout outs?
I guess this is where I get to say goodbye? Sara- so pumped we’ve become so tight; AlyShel, Crystal, the other half of Team Coffee – Ben Helfen (you’re gonna kill in Cologne!), Tiny Rifle and the whole Octane crew,  the sleepy creepies, the Cabbagetown posse, Liz BFF Clayton, EKIII <3, Lamont and Byron, the LEON’s and BSP crew, the blogfam, and my southeast coffee fam love you always.

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