Photo Friday: Dennis Ho

July 3rd, 2009 by Ross


Way back in the day when I first started getting into photography I used to frequent a message board (this was before blogs) called Paper Brigade. The message board was run by a couple of dudes that went to the New England School of Photography and usually was filled with band photography. This was where I found out about the Day 19 duo and where I found out about Dennis Ho. Dennis was a dude that lived in Jacksonville while I did and was a bit of an inspiration to me when I was first getting into photography. He was always going on tour with crazy bands like Weezer or The Get Up Kids for weeks at a time and that was what I really wanted to do for a while. Needless to say I never got into the whole band photography thing but I was really excited to meet someone who was. Dennis is a super cool dude and has been a friend of mind for a good while now. Although he hasn’t been shooting as much recently as he did when I first meet him its always fun to look back at some of his work and reminisce on days past. If you want to check out more of Dennis’ work you can check out his website here or after the jump.










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