Set It Off: Christos Meli

July 8th, 2009 by Georgios


Christos Meli

I don’t really have one.


Where are you from?
Originally Athens, Greece. But I’ve lived everywhere from Montreal to Los Angeles.

Who do you work for?

What are your Current Project(s)?
My website, and my linens company.

Who would you love to work with?
I would like to work with Sebastien Tellier, Daft Punk, and Busy P.

If you had to give all your sneakers away to charity except for one pair, which ones would you keep?
That’s a hard question ummmmm either my Wu-tang dunks or my McFlys.

What’s on your iPod right now?
Way too much junk. I need to re-organize it.

What’s your Favorite ATL food?
ummm don’t have one yet. But here in CLT, its been Soul lately.

What’s your Favorite ATL hangout?
I need to get my ass down there don’t I. In QC, The Forum and my pool. I spend a lot of time poolside.

What are your Pet Peeves?
Guido’s, people moving shit on me (I hate that I’m so OCD), cold food, and fat chicks.

Shout outs?
Kris (Money For Sluts), Shane (Stranger Day), Lord Walrus, Gumby, Eric Pliner for Dharma, Bobby at Niche, Kevin Mitchell at The Forum, Cory (King Alga), Rolling Stone Magazine,, Cody of TADT, Virgina Pizzi, Shaun Robertson, Prince Presto, Cristo Disco, and the people who support my website.

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