Photo Friday: Seattle Vacation

July 24th, 2009 by Ross


Last week I was fortunate enough to visit my dad and grandparents in Seattle. I was born out in the Washington state area and its always a great feeling heading back out there. I shot a lot of images of my grandparents and my father as well as some sights from my adventures around the city. If you have never been out to Seattle then I would do yourself a favor and go out there as soon as you get the chance. Its a pretty rad city with tons of stuff to do. This collection of images is just a small amount of what I shot while I was there and hopefully I will have some more for you once I get my film back from the lab. Check out my photos after the jump.









2 Responses

  1. sMalik Says:

    The only family resemblance I see is how hard Grams is chillin. I can only dream about the day that I’ll kick it in the SEATAC area, posing hard for my bad ass grand baby.

  2. Jorge Says:

    Stuff looks great. Glad your back. Laterz.

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