Set It Off: Daniel Hall [Part 2]

July 29th, 2009 by Larry

Photo by Jorge Menes

This is the 1st anniversary of our Set It Off interviews on the EC blog, so we decided to hit up our first interviewee ever, Daniel Hall, to see how things have changed for one of the hardest working people in Atlanta.

Dan, since your interview last year, I’m sure a lot of things have changed. Are you still rocking those blue Vans Authentics? or have you moved on to a new favorite sneaker?
Actually I used those to Wakeboard in at Lake Lanier and I set them out to dry. they went from blue to pale green. So I moved on to the Air Maxim’s, been wearing those almost every day for a while now. Super comfy even though some of my friends think differently.

What’s your favorite article of clothing (non-footwear) right now?
Probably have to be t-shirts. Whether they are blank or have something on them, you can’t go wrong with nice pair of jeans and a crispy t-shirt. They take up about 80 percent of my wardrobe being that Process and Streetlocal keep me laced up pretty good.

What are you listening to now?
Like right now right now? I’m at 1841 listening to Paid in Full by Eric B & Rawkim. But in the general sense, right now since T.I. is serving his sentence I have been listening to a lot of old T.I. mix-tapes like the In Da Street’s series. Anything pre-Gangsta Grillz. I Can’t stand hearing “Barak O’Drama” (Terrible Alias btw) shout over every track.

A year ago, you mentioned wearing a lot of different hats at all times. Have you taken on any more or less responsibilities over the past year? Tell us about your current projects.
Haven’t really taken any hats off per-say. I have slowed down with the contributing articles for Vapors Magazine, But still continue to contribute to as a web editor. Still going strong at Standard of course, working launching our new site and putting together some things for a small Fall collection of 1841, which is our house or store brand. Still doing some project management with Don Cannon which always is fun. And recently helped Zach Wolfe launch his blog which seems to have gained much attention. I try and help get him content to film whenever possible. Also, we just completed a redesign and relaunch of the website. Did I mention we have a big collab coming out with Bun B?

What’s your proudest accomplishment from the past year?
I don’t know about “proudest” because I have a hard time thinking of stuff which I consider an accomplishment. But I guess it would be the most recent video interview put out by myself and Zach Wolfe with No I.D. about the making of Death Of Auto-tune, which is arguably Jay – Z’s biggest song on Blueprint 3. I thought the video was well shot, and well edited, plus the content was exclusive and relevant. It got roughly 23,000 views within 24 hours which is a pretty good judgment that people liked it. I would love to keep doing stuff of that caliber.

Any goals for the coming year?
Figure out a way to make more money by doing the stuff I am already doing. Focus on thinking smarter not harder.

I couldn’t live without:
My Mac Book Pro, this thing is like another part of my arms. Anything and everything I do runs through this silly machine. I’ll be getting a new one soon. If I wasn’t hurting for the money I’d retire it like No I.D. does his laptops after he is done with them. I’ll tell you more about that another day.

Atlanta’s best kept secret is:
If I told you then it wouldn’t be great anymore. But nah, Taqueria Del Sol? It’s my favorite place to eat, and I live 1 minute from their west side location. You’ll probably see me there tonight.

Oftentimes, you’ll tweet random rap lyrics or inspirational quotes. Could you leave us with a parting quote and tell us why you like it?
Ha! Those are often drunken tweets, but nonetheless great. I’ll leave you with this “Life is parrallel to hell but I must maintain” – Naz. I picked it because life isn’t a joy ride, at least mine isn’t, but through the good times and bad ones you have to maintain a high level of quality work ethic.

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  1. Georgios Says:

    The Man that’s everywhere

  2. Mr Ryan Says:

    Dan of Decatur.

  3. Farshad Says:

    and i thought the answer to question # 7 is ME!!!!

  4. Señor Kaos Says:

    Word, Decatur Dan listening to Eric B and Rakim “Paid In Full” LOL

    What you know bout that there boi!

    Salute to Dan’s work ethic. It’s inspiring.

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