Photo Friday: Tilt-Shift Photography

August 21st, 2009 by Joe


What’s up world?? This is Joe Martinez, taking over for my good friend Ross for this week’s Photo Friday. I wanted to share some images I created during my recent trip to Greece last month. This is my second trip to Europe this year, and my first time in the Mediterranean. I definitely took advantage of the beautiful weather, good food, and amazing scenery. It was also a great opportunity to practice a fun technique that some of you may have seen floating around the internet. “Tilt-shift photography” is a selective focus technique using a specialized lens that controls the orientation of the plane of focus of a particular scene or subject. The results vary, but it’s possible to achieve what some have dubbed “fake miniature” photography, creating the illusion of a miniature or toy model look. Some clever Photoshop enthusiasts found a way to do this without the use of this lens making the technique available to anyone with a little patience, the right image, and few Photoshop tools. A simple Google search will provide you with several tutorials on how to achieve your own tilt-shift images. More T-S photos from Greece after the jump!





ACC Tournament

Philips Arena / Hawks Playoffs

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  1. Erin Says:

    really, really awesome. i must learn this.

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