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Picasso’s Guernica in 3D

November 29th, 2009 by Larry

I saw Picasso’s Guernica in the summer of 1997 at Madrid’s Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía but I never expected to see this masterpiece in this way!

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Thanks ATL!

November 28th, 2009 by Larry


Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us at the Big Boi show last night. Here’s a pic of what our booth looked like over at the Gallery at King Plow. We had a blast and look forward to working with Gallery Group Atlanta in the future.

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More Stickers…

November 26th, 2009 by Larry


A new color-blocking on an already familiar sticker design just came in. Grab some at Standard on Peachtree, at the Big Boi concert tomorrow, or with all your online orders.

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Gallery Group Atlanta Presents: Big Boi

November 23rd, 2009 by Larry


Recently, I was contacted by Brian Francis from as he wanted to introduce myself and our readers to a new events venue that’s planning on making waves in the Atlanta music scene. They’re kicking things off at the appropriately named Gallery at King Plow this Friday, November 27th with a HUGE concert featuring Big Boi, Clipse, Yelawolf, and DJ Mayhem.

Stay tuned to our twitter feed (@WeAreTheProcess) to win a pair of free tickets to the show!

I felt it was important to interview Brian about the The Gallery at King Plow. Hopefully this’ll give everyone some perspective on what’s in store for our city’s scene in the near future. Read the interview after the jump! Read the rest of this entry »

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Photo Friday: Cumberland Island

November 20th, 2009 by Ross


Hello everyone! Its been a minute since I have done an “official” Photo Friday post but I got something awesome lined up for you this week. I recently took a trip to Cumberland Island for an awesome camping experience with my girlfriend. I haven’t been camping in quite a while but when you combine perfect weather with camping on a beach you really can’t go wrong. We snapped off quite a few photographs and got a bunch of great ones. If anyone out there is interested in looking into taking your own camping trip at Cumberland Island you can get some more information at their website.

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Drive-By Press Comes to ATL

November 19th, 2009 by Georgios


This Friday, at Young Blood Gallery from 6-9, Drive-By Press will be there printing on the spot. Ryan O’Malley & Joseph Velasquez will have over a hundred custom prints for you to choose from. Bring a tee and let them make you an one of a kind tee. They may even let you print it yourself.

After Young Blood, we will be moving the party to El Bar for a few drinks and some great music provided by Brian Parris & Cristo Disco. Mention “Drive-By Press” at the door and get in free.

Check out more photos after the jump. Photos from the RDQLUS Blog
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Eric Smashes Guitar

November 19th, 2009 by Larry

One of my Portfolio Center students, Eric Dewyngaert, took his project to the next level this week. Here’s a brief explanation of this video according to him:

“A photoshoot undergoing the album packaging design for a Deftones acoustic album cover, The Acoustic Experiment. This is one of the most incredible things Ive ever gotten to do.”

My favorite part of this video is listening to all the people hootin’ and hollerin’ as they congregate around to witness the smashing.

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Set It Off: Anthony Rotella

November 18th, 2009 by Larry

Photo by: Oh Snap Kid

Anthony Rotella

Mayhem / Rrrump


Where are you from?
Atlanta, GA born in Knoxville, TN. Gentlemen by choice, Southern by the Grace of God.

Who do you work for? 
Me, myself and I. Always Never, Ram Records, Atlanta Dubstep, and 404 Audio.

What are your Current Project(s)? 
I run two Drum + Bass record labels. My main one is Shadow-Law Recordings (SLR) and I’ve started a second one, Aesthetics, for rising international talent. I run two monthly nights at El Bar. One is Drum + Bass, entitled Tambor Y Bajo, every 1st Wednesday and the second is Dubstep, entitled Sub.Traction, that I promote with Atlanta Dubstep every 3rd Wednesday. I also am a resident at Fuck Yesss every 1st Thursday of the month with Le Castle Vania and Oh Snap Kid at the Drunken Unicorn. Outside of promoting parties, I try to stay as busy as possible in the studio recording Drum + Bass, Dubstep, and Electro tracks for several national and international labels. My largest project at the moment is an album entitled “Into Oblivion” which will be released on my own label, SLR, hopefully sooner than later.

Who would you love to work with?
Big Boi, Andre 3000, Ludachris, Killer Mike, Joker, Rusko, Scuba, Maynard James Keenan, Gravious, 2562, Pill, Hollyweerd, Ed Rush + Optical, Matrix, Optiv, Apex, Spor, Nike SB, 10 Deep, and Kaws.

If you had to give all your sneakers away to charity except for one pair, which ones would you keep? 
That’s like only choosing one family member to keep! I’d say it would have to be my Tiffs.

What’s on your iPod right now?
Joker, Rusko, Outkast, Ludacris, Scuba, Helmet, and Tool amongst others.

What’s your Favorite ATL food?
Favorite restaurants are Nan, JCT Kitchen, Eugene, JR Crickets, Marco’s Pitas, and Graveyard Tavern where you can find a hoagie named after me.

What’s your Favorite ATL hangout?
El Bar and Graveyard easily. It’s like Cheers for me.

What are your Pet Peeves?
I can’t really think of any besides sleeping in too late.

Shout outs?
My son Giovanni, Moms, Dads, my sister Kathy, 404 Audio crew, Atlanta Dubstep crew, Evol Intent boys, Ewun/Kill The Noise, Le Castle Vania, Oh Snap Kid, Phace, Misanthrop, Noisia, The Upbeats, Bulletproof, Cern, 12th Planet, Gridlok, Dieselboy, Skapezilla/The Hydrilla, Rob and Rosa Wonder, Philip and Tara Christensen, All the Graveyard staff, All El Bar staff, Justin Bright, Drew Van Atten, Ron and Christina Madison, Adam and the soon to be Cristen Darby, Josh Clark, the Atlanta Hawks, Inca Kola, summers in Jersey, my Grandmothers and Grandfathers RIP!, Birdalupe, Aireon Himes, Eric Martin Burgos, Chris Houston, and of course my homies at Process!

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November 17th, 2009 by Larry


Check out the newest addition to the EC portfolio, an online photography portfolio for our cohort, Jorge Menes. Once again, we employed a proprietary navigation platform that we developed especially for designers and photographers who want to showcase their work seamlessly in full-screen. Visit

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LaDiDa for iPhone

November 16th, 2009 by Larry


I recently worked with emerging iPhone app developer,, on the branding and interface for their company and it’s new product, LaDidaa reverse karaoke app. You sing, and it makes up the music to accompany your voice. You can choose a genre of music and a tempo for each tune you sing. One of the greatest features of the app is that it allows you to share your tunes on social-networking sites such as facebook and twitter. Future updates will include more music genres and perhaps auto-tune.

This was my first time to work on anything for iPhone, but I found the experience very enjoyable and similar to web design, except you’re dealing with a much smaller canvas.

Download: LaDiDa.

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