PROCESS Love & War Collection

November 3rd, 2009 by Larry


Head over to the newly-skinned We Are The Process website to see the new lookbook and be the first to own our new pieces by making a purchase in our online boutique.

4 Responses

  1. Fred Says:

    weak. not really digging the new apparel.

  2. Larry Says:

    We weren’t expecting an internet lurker who uses multiple-anonymous-surnames to LIKE the clothes. You’re probably wearing the same defective underwear your mother gave you for Christmas six years ago. Thanks for reading. Thanks for the comments, but seriously you need to find a new hobby other than hating on Jenifer and us. I know you left that comment to test whether or not we were going to edit or delete it, but you’re an idiot to NOT REALIZE that I can totally see your IP address is the same for this comment, the “sum-yun-guy” and “Sandra” comments on Jenifer’s Set It Off post. Get a life. Hate on our efforts all that you want. We can take it. Alllllllll day. Just realize that we’re still in a position to put things out there that people can respect and enjoy. You, on the other hand are a bitter, bitter person without a sense of purpose. :) Enjoy your uneventful weekend.

    Aren’t internet BEEFS soooo much more fun that real life ones? It’s so great because you can HIDE like the coward that you are. Come find me in person. I’m at El Bar pretty much EVERY Thursday night. It’s usually pretty chill in there so you can MAN UP and set the record straight about your belligerence and accept the consequences of your big mouth (overzealous typing).

  3. Futurista Says:

    ha i’m gonna make a point to come out el bar now! :) thursday you say?

  4. spd Says:

    word up Lawrence. tell im!

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