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November 23rd, 2009 by Larry


Recently, I was contacted by Brian Francis from as he wanted to introduce myself and our readers to a new events venue that’s planning on making waves in the Atlanta music scene. They’re kicking things off at the appropriately named Gallery at King Plow this Friday, November 27th with a HUGE concert featuring Big Boi, Clipse, Yelawolf, and DJ Mayhem.

Stay tuned to our twitter feed (@WeAreTheProcess) to win a pair of free tickets to the show!

I felt it was important to interview Brian about the The Gallery at King Plow. Hopefully this’ll give everyone some perspective on what’s in store for our city’s scene in the near future. Read the interview after the jump!

What do you hope to achieve with The Gallery at King Plow?
Well, essentially, our goal is to create a musical experience that was totally different than the conventional venue in terms of the venue, the production, the crowd, the musicians, and the overall experience. Crossing genres and exposing different crowds to new music, while getting everyone under one roof to party together. We are doing this in a way where it’s intimate and exclusive, while setting the bar high in terms of the acts we bring in. We got sick of being Livenation’ed and feeling like a number at shows, so we decided to start our own thing.

How long has The Gallery been open?
It was built in 1902 but was converted into a fine art gallery in the early 90′s. It wasn’t being utilized for the original purpose of art and music, so we took over last summer. We just got our liquor license and are ready to make moves.

What’s been the reception from ATLiens so far?
Man, the reception has been great. We sold out our first event with Priceless the Kid and Pretty Lights just thru word of mouth and social media. People are always skeptical of new venues or events at places they don’t know, but we found it amazing that so many people came out to our very first show. For those that haven’t been, once you walk into The Gallery, you’re sold.
Who all is behind it and what are your background(s)?
It was started by myself and my biz partner, Robert King Shaw. My Dad runs a fashion company and my mom is a former art teacher, so I naturally tended toward the creative side of things. My background is in marketing and actually still do strategic marketing consulting for Fortune 500 companies. Robert runs things behind the scenes, hence his psychology degree. Dude is just a trip. Fish tanks, music, and dirt bikes, thats his steez. We have a few other people involved that are just as vital. Shout out to Alan Sher, Scott Orvold and Drew Hayner for all the hard work!

How long have y’all lived in ATL?
We all grew up here. Robert, and I grew up in East Cobb and now all have our own lofts at King Plow. Pretty crazy. We all went to middle school, high school, and college together and are now business partners.

How’d you book such huge talent for this gig? You must know someone who knows someone, right?
Man, just networking and meeting new people over the years here in Atlanta. I was blessed enough to be introduced to the right people just through friendships and business relationships. I manage an artist, Priceless the Kid, and that has enabled me to meet a lot of great people in the industry as well.

What are the future plans for the Gallery?
Parties, fashion shows, art exhibits, trunk shows, skate competitions, concerts… you name it. We are working on a music festival for the spring right now and some other shit with Freemaven. Priceless is doing a mixtape with Diamond Supply Co. and Don Cannon right now, so we are going to have a banger for that too. Tons of Gallery Group events coming in the near future!

Who do you hope to work with?
On the musical side, everyone from Girl Talk to Talib Kweli. Man, that list is endless.

If I’m someone that wants to get involved, yet have it benefit my organization as well as yours, what’s the next step I should take?
Hit me up!… We are all about the home team and are down to collab with whomever. As long as its dope, were down.

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