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January 7th, 2010 by Larry

As a bro who grew up in Texas, I’m happy that the Longhorns finally got the respect they deserved to make it to another Championship game. I’m still getting over the amazing Championship game from 2005 where Vince Young led the Longhorns to a win in one of the most amazing games ever played. At this point, seeing the Longhorns in another Championship match-up is gravy. I’m looking forward to a great game.

I’m just sick of listening to all my friends who are belligerent Alabama fans who have nothing intelligent to say other than, “ROLL TIDE!” over and over and over. That’s not going to help your team win. While you insist on drowning out the music at El Bar with your big mouth, I just say, “STFU and enjoy the game.” It should be a good one either way. And besides, TX just won one a couple years ago (that I’m still psyched about). So big whoop…

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, the Longhorn logo trumps all.

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  1. Mr Ryan Says:

    this might be funnier than Ruel’s voicemail!

  2. KingAlga Says:

    Hilarity continues! I think this is a shot at the god right? Well I say this! where going to kick the fuck out of Texas cause where a better fucking football team. Texas is just another overrated football team that plays in another bulldshit conference, with only 2-3 teams n it. While we just went through the toughest confrence in the country n also beat the mighty Gators. Maybe uR right Texas does have better Rednecks but not better football fans.

  3. Larry Says:

    I don’t know who “the god” is, but if you’re referring to my friend, Cory, then I GUESS we’re talking about the same person…
    You missed my point completely you belligerent SOB.

    To sum it up:
    1) I’m happy TX is getting the respect they deserve by getting another bid at the BCS Championship

    2) I’m hoping for a good game win or lose.

    I have a lot of respect for what Bama did. There’s no denying they are a great team, and possibly the best in the country. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Bama thump the crap out of Florida and Tim Te-bro.

    The only animosity I feel towards Bama is that y’all are loud idiots. Maybe that’s what you equate to being a “better football fan”. How many pro teams are there in Alabama???

  4. farshad Says:

    So does this mean the Auburn Tshirt bet is on? I’m willing to bet Larry that no one (cory) will take me up on that bet…. STILL…hehehe
    So much confidence yet just not enough to back it up…

  5. farshad Says:

    btw, after reading this post I’m willing to bet I have a gambling problem…

  6. Larry Says:

    I told Cory that I’d wear an Alabama tee shirt for a month straight if Bama wins. The stipulations are:
    1) It has to fit me
    2) He has to buy it

    He wouldn’t agree to it. Obnoxious and cheap: 2 great qualities in a friend…

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