Shout Out: Philip Christensen

January 22nd, 2010 by Larry

Photo by Oh Snap Kid

One of our biggest pet peeves is being approached by people who say, “Hey, I really like Process so you should give me a bunch of gear to wear on stage during my shows” or “Hey, that’s really cool stuff, hook it up on the low-low”. There’s nothing more moochy, or irritating about a situation like that. The fact that a person thinks they are so wonderful, that they deserve the fruits of our labor for their own personal gain is beyond me. It’s disrespectful on all accounts. I realize, that’s the way things go sometimes. We’ve been in countless conversations like this over the years, and we’ve gotten pretty good at handling them…

On the flipside of that coin, if you have the privilege to meet Philip Christensen (General Manager / Partner at Graveyard Tavern) you’ll soon realize that Philip is nothing like the bro described above. Philip has been super-supportive of our brand, and you can tell because he wears our gear out and about all the time. Also, he mentioned Process as one of his favorite brands in his Blu Magazine feature.

His staff has always taken care of our crew every time we’ve come through their doors out of sheer kindness. That makes us want to work with them to further each others’ success. It’s great to know there are honest people out there who genuinely care about the well-being of others that work hard, the same way they do. Thanks Philip! Keep up the great work and we’ll plan on some big things for 2010.

I think this little rant of mine should spark a regularly occurring section on our site. I’ll highlight people that deserve a Shout Out. How often will this occur? As often as people are “doing the right thing”.

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  1. Ruel Says:

    You should do Spike Lee next.

  2. Mr Ryan Says:

    Philip is was of the most stand up guys I know in this city. A good dude.

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