Dodge Challenger – Freedom

June 13th, 2010 by Larry

Wow! This commercial HAS to win awards this year! Very creative!

A few thoughts:
1) This commercial is airing during the World Cup, but Dodge isn’t an official Team USA sponsor, so there’s really no connection between the two. It’s relevance is because of it’s ability to drum-up feelings of patriotism at the right time. Great job at that.
2) This might be the first time that a car commercial actually makes me want to make that purchase.
3) I’m really bummed out that there’s not a microsite with downloadable wallpapers, videos, and interactive content.

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  1. KJ Says:

    1) Agreed…in fact Dodge comes out the winner because they get the USA ties without having to spend EXTRA money on an “official” sponsorship.
    2) Yessir!
    3) Interesting thought. But let’s give it time–they might come up with something as soon as they see the views up in the hundred thousands! haha

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