Hawks Get New Coach (I’m Not Impressed)

June 14th, 2010 by Larry

Larry Drew. No one is looking forward to the mediocrity that you’ll achieve.

The Hawks lose to the Magic in a historical beatdown and Atlanta Spirit Group decides not to re-up on Mike Woodson’s contract. I can understand that. I wanted that to happen. Many fans and analysts believe the team has reached their pinnacle with Woody as the coach and JJ, Bibby, Smoove, Boss, and Marvin as the starting five. So nix Woody, but hire Woody’s assistant? I mean, how different are things going to be with this bro? I was pulling for a high-profile hire so that Atlanta could attract a star to bring further success to this organization and city. So far, I’m not impressed with the moves the Atlanta Spirit Group has been making this off-season.

I have a few points (rants) and questions to get out into the open before we move any further into this off-season. Please feel free to comment and leave your thoughts:

1) Larry Drew must’ve come off sounding like Phil Jackson during his interview -or- Atlanta Spirit Group is cheap-cheap-cheap. He’s going to be the lowest paid coach in the league. Can you believe that the Hawks wanted a white-out at every playoff game, but then turned-around and charged fans 5 dollars for a lame white Hawks Playoff tee? Are you serious? If you want a white-out, then do like the Oklahoma City Thunder did by GIVING AWAY playoff tees to fans and making your employees say, “WEAR THIS DURING THE GAME”. Let’s not even start on the design that was printed on the white tee… gross.

2) Are they trying to save money on a coach so they have money to spend on bringing a superstar to ATL? If they let Joe Johnson walk, then they better bring us a superstar. This isn’t the time to “rebuild”. Smoove and Horford are only under contract for a couple more seasons. This is the time to make forward progress. Can the Hawks win more than 53 games and/or NOT get bitch-slapped by Team LeBron or Team Howard next season? Probably not with a rookie coach and no Joe Johnson (or a suitable Joe Johnson replacement).

3) The Milwaukee Bucks’ John Salmons’ name has been tossed around as a replacement for Joe Johnson. That’s not going to do it for this team. He might be a great addition if you bring him in for cheap (which seems to be a trend with Atlanta Spirit Group), but he is not going to bring this team to the next level. Can you imagine seeing “Iso Salmons” over and over? I’d rather smell farts.

4) This message goes directly to my friend and ticketing agent that I’ve had for the past few seasons, Brenden Collins. If JJ leaves and there is no suitable replacement for Joe Johnson, then don’t call me this season. I’m not interested in supporting a product that doesn’t care about the pride and reputation we’re trying to build for our city. National credibility and “shocking the world” is what a lot of ATLiens strive to achieve on a daily basis, and we want to see a reflection of those goals we have on the court at Philips Arena. If Atlanta Spirit Group isn’t feelin’ it, then I’m not either.

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  1. Mr Ryan Says:

    wow! yeah not a good look for us. Our guys need a coach.

  2. Rob Mc Says:

    Good points, This should be one of the NBA’s best markets.

  3. Georgios Says:

    We need a russian billionaire to buy the Hawks then maybe we can get the team we want. Until then, the Atlanta Spirit group needs to get their sh*t together.

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