Dirty South Crunkball Crest

June 16th, 2010 by Larry


My buddies Adam, Hadi, and Patrick play on a highly-regarded kickball team here in ATL. Over the past few years, they’ve traveled and won 1st place at 4 tournaments. They’re going to Brooklyn this summer to defend their title as the Dirty South Crunkball All-Stars and they asked me (& PROCESS) to not-only sponsor their efforts, but to design a crest for them. This will be featured on their uniforms (screen-printed tees) in some fashion that’s yet to be determined.

These days, many international football teams now feature their opponent or a date of a special match on the actual uniforms (kits). I’m not 100% sure who this trend is attributed to but I think it’s England who brought it back recently with the introduction of their amazing Umbro kits in 2009. Anyway, I wanted to follow-suit and allow for the Dirty South Crunkball squadron to customize the banner on their crest to allow for special mentions on the crests of their tournament uniforms.

Do y’all like it? If there are any extras, we’ll throw them up for sale in the PROCESS Online Boutique.

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    [...] The Dirty South Crunkball All-Stars won the Beat Brooklyn International Kickball Tournament last Saturday in Brooklyn, NY. What makes the victory even sweeter is how they are proudly wearing the shirts we designed for them last month. [...]

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