World Cup League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

June 17th, 2010 by Larry

Disregard Iran from Farshad’s lineup. What a homer!

Last week, I was asked by a few friends to join this elitist World Cup Fantasy League and it’s been consuming my life ever since.

A quick rundown of the rules: 8 people pick 4 teams each, and you get points for wins, draws, and knockout tournament advancements.

The whole idea of a “World Cup League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” is a first for me, and definitely verging on psychotic. I was out of town when the draft took place, so I had to rely mostly on gut-instinct and Joe Martinez’ iPhone to do some quick scouting (during an industry dinner, nonetheless). Luckily, I was sitting next to a few sports nuts (@BrianYarvual & @edthesportsfan) and they didn’t mind the chaos too much.

Despite being “randomly picked” to draft 6th overall (total conspiracy), I think I ended up with a decent lot:
1) Italy
2) Portugal
3) Australia
4) Honduras

After the first week of games, my teams have had 2 draws and 2 losses. Horrible!!! Hopefully my teams will start “Writing the Future” in a good way this week. Especially Italy, the really need to get it together! I think the hideous Puma goalkeeper kits are holding them back.

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3 Responses

  1. Ruel Says:

    When are they gonna make fatigue goal keeper kits to match the field/goal net. #GoalieNinjas

  2. Brian Lauvray Says:

    Neither of you guys picked Ghana? Oh man, for shame. When I’m there in November (and after Black Stars when the Cup) I’m keeping our friendship secret, sorry.

  3. Brian Lauvray Says:

    Ha. I mean “win” not “when”. Ja know, mon?

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