Shaq in ATL?!?

July 6th, 2010 by Larry

I would definitely cop one of these babies!

As most of you know, the Atlanta Hawks plan on inking Joe Johnson to a max-contract upwards of $120 million for 6 years. I honestly don’t see how this benefits anyone other than Joe Johnson. With the current state of the Hawks, it’s hard to understand why they would want to keep the current floor general unless they are committed to making further moves to win NOW. Certainly, the current ownership group doesn’t plan on owning the Hawks when Joe’s deal runs out. Joe will be 34 years old and making entirely too much for a 34-year old NBA player.

We could talk about Joe for days, but a recent rumor that the Hawks have offered Shaquille O’Neal a 2-year deal might just be the move the Hawks need to make to show everyone in ATL (and beyond) that they are committed to winning in the short term.

One can argue that Shaq brings a lot of negatives with him, but I don’t buy that. I’m one to think that the positives will outweigh those negatives. Think about what Shaq-Fu in an ATL jersey means:

1) He’s a true center. Something WE DON’T HAVE & NEED!

2) Finally, media attention will be brought to ATL.

3) Veteran leadership. Shaq has won before and can give our young Hawks more of a killer instinct, instead of laying dead on the road.

4) Even at limited minutes per night, Shaq dominates the paint and allows Horford to slide over to power forward. Ultimately, this helps Al Horford and Zaza Pachulia so much. Zaza could change from a solid back-up center to an outstanding back-up center. Our big guys’ confidence will go up with Shaq around.

5) Can you imagine the block-party that would ensue with Smoove and Shaq on defense?

6) Ticket sales will go through the roof with Shaq on the floor every night.

7) I can’t wait to hear what Ryan Cameron’s nickname for the big dude will be. “Big Bird”? Can we steal that from Chris Anderson from the Nuggets?

8) More personality from our Hawks. Finally, we’ll enjoy the opposite of lackluster and monotone post-game soundbites that we’re used to hearing from Joe, Smoove, and Marvin.

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  1. KJ Says:

    Interesting in theory and the media boost would be real but I just don’t see Shaq selling THAT much more in tickets to compensate for his salary. It might be worth it if you combine his merchandise since he was in the top 10 in jerseys sold last year.

  2. Georgios Says:

    I have my doubts about Shaq on the Hawks but I think he will bring one very important thing to the team if he becomes a Hawk, LEADERSHIP!! Which Joe Johnson lacks and now that we just upgraded the assistant coach (forgot his name) to head coach, we need Shaq’s ability to be a General on the court.

    For 5 mil a year, why not give it a shot. It’s a drop in the bucket compared to what Joe got paid. What is he gonna spend that much money on anyway… Soft Rock CDs & Scented Candles?

  3. KJ Says:

    LOL true…but I think that with the Hawk’s front office giving JJ a max deal like that they have crippled their organization for years to come. And spending $5 on a guy that the media likes but will only give you MAYBE 25 minutes a game is like wrapping an ace bandage around a broken arm: it looks good but it ain’t fixing much.

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