Symbols, Metaphors, & Logos at Portfolio Center [Week 1]

July 7th, 2010 by Larry

Top Row [Left to Right]: Stephanie, Addie, Dave, Nichole, Alicia. Bottom Row [Left to Right]: Alyssa & Catherine.

It’s the start of another quarter at Portfolio Center and I have another enthusiastic group that I’ll be working with on Tuesday nights. They come from all over and they’ve had a wealth of experiences in their lives that should help their logo creating processes; including drinking drano, collecting 3D cat posters, and busting their asses in front of Michael Jordan.

When I attended PC, I recall my favorite class was a logo class with school president, Hank Richardson. Imagine my surprise and delight when I received a call from him requesting that I bear the torch he’s carried for so long. I said, “Hank, you need to realize that you’re giving the reigns to a crazy person! Who knows what will become of this experiment.” Nevertheless, he’s down with Larry, and he’s going to let me do what I want (within reason).

If you spend any time with me, you’ll realize that I’m a huge sports fan and I’m also obsessed with the aesthetic of sports. I’ve decided to take this obsession a little bit further by having my students work on new primary logos (and possible brand identity systems) for several sports franchises that have terrible logos, or are on the cusp of achieving greatness, but are in desperate need of a re-brand.

Here’s what everyone will be working on, if I remember correctly:
Stephanie – Bakersfield Blaze
Addie – Kansas City Wizards
Dave – Atlanta Thrashers
Nichole – Oklahoma City Thunder
Alicia – Atlanta Apollos (MLS Bid)
Alyssa – New Jersey Nets
Catherine – Charlotte Bobcats

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  1. KJ Says:

    DUDE! I wish them all the best of luck but goodness I hope Catherine rocks that Charlotte Bobcats redesign. I wrote about it on my site too…it blows big time (in my opinion).

  2. TeveTorbes Says:

    Hahahaaaa….wow what is an aging hipster to do?

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