EC’s Best & Worst of the World Cup

July 12th, 2010 by Larry


We decided to put together a list of our highlights and lowlights of the World Cup. Not all of these selections involve athleticism, rather the aesthetics or nuggets of hilarity and surprise that made the 2010 World Cup one to never forget (vuvuzelas aside, of course).

Best Kit:
England’s home kit is so clean, it’s an instant classic. There’s no denying a tailored, polo shirt that can be worn to any occasion without looking tacky.

Most Hilarious Kit:
Slovenia’s “Charlie Brown” getups made them difficult to take seriously the entire time. Not to mention their “euro-discotech bros” goal celebrations which are yet to be explained.

Ugliest Keeper Kit:
These Brown keeper uniforms by Puma are the biggest eyesores I’ve seen in a long time. Some people enjoy how they look, but I think they stink.

Best Team Crest:
A tie between the modernistic Netherlands crest and the Ivory Coast’s excellent blend of typography and character illustration.

Best Type:
I’ve got to hand it to type designer, Paul Barnes, for Puma’s letterforms used on the backs of both the Italy and Uruguay team kits. For more information about the creation of this typeset, click here.

Worst Type:
While the Italy and Uruguay kits were adorned with amazing letterforms, Puma’s kits for African countries had some of the most insipid renderings of faux-hand-drawn type. What’s the deal with this 1950′s American sign-painter letters? They are a total bite on Underware’s Bello Small Caps. For more information about the creation of this typeset, click here (same article as above).

Best Numerals:
The Netherlands. Hands-down. Their boxy numerals were inspired by Dutch canals and architecture. And they are sweet! More info on those kits here.

Best Campaign:
No question. Nike’s Write The Future. This campaign successfully crossed so many social boundaries and united footy fans everywhere. Unfortunately, none of the bros featured in the short film were able to write much of a future for themselves or their countries.

Worst Team Implosion:
France. France. France.

Best “In Yer Face”:
Although, one of my favorite moments in this year’s World Cup was Landon Donovan’s point-blank goal against Slovenia, I couldn’t deny how much pain Germany’s Per Mertesacker was in after getting owned by the Adidas Jabulani.

Worst Hair:
Algeria’s Boy Band steeze didn’t earn them any respect.

Best Headgear:
Argentina’s Giant-Maradona-head-adorning fans take the cake. Wow! I wouldn’t have wanted to sit behind those dudes.

Best USA Fan:
Bill Clinton. Here’s the former president fully decked-out in USA gear, while chilling with Mick Jagger and enjoying a post-game Budweiser with USA team captain, Carlos Bocanegra.

Best USA Sign:
Where’s the quarterback?

Scariest Fan:
This guy will haunt my dreams forever.

Sexist Fan:
Larissa Riquelme from Paraguay made all of our jaws drop.

Best Fake Fans:
Apparently North Korea’s fans were actually hired Chinese actors. What???

Person Most Resembling a Disney Character:
Diego Forlan should be followed around by optimistic, animated fauna.

Best Celebration:
Team USA’s dogpile made us all long for the upcoming NFL season.

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  1. William Roth Says:

    Awesome complitation! It’s hard to argue here just because of the sheer dedication to such a complete and educated list.

    I do feel that I should mention:

    Best Campaign: Bud Light’s Ye se armo!

    Best Kit: Germany’s Away Jersey with the Black and Gold was hands down the best color combo. And something has to be said about USA’s Home Kit Diagonal Sash.

    New Category: Best Casual Dressed Coach?

  2. Larry Says:

    Best Casual Dressed Coach: Bob Bradley? or Joakim Lowe?

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