Logos at Portfolio Center [Week 3]

July 21st, 2010 by Larry


This week, several of my students made significant breakthroughs on their sports logo projects, others are still finding their happy places with their logo marks. Often times, a designer can “have a hard time with the project” and feel stuck; which is often an excuse for not spending enough time on their assignments. Trust me, I had the same excuses as a student.

The way to get unstuck is to get out in the world and experience things that you wouldn’t normally do. Go cliff diving, get in a verbal argument, kick a soccer ball, punch a wall, get wasted, make out with someone, listen to loud music with the windows down, talk to a bum, or walk on a slack line with Mason Poe… Just do something to get out of your comfort zone and start paying astute attention to the world around you. The experiences can lead to lots of creativity.

I wanted to focus on Alyssa’s decision to rebrand the New Jersey Nets as the Brooklyn Beat, since they will be moving into a new arena in Brooklyn in 2 years time. Other ideas she had for names were the “Riders” and “Beats” but it made sense to remove the “s” from “Beats” to signify that all Brooklynites coexist within the same realm, groove, or rhythm.

The next step in her process is to generate imagery that will evoke Brooklyn without falling into the predicatble poor design stereotypes that exist within hip-hop, urban, and graffiti. Remember, it’s important for the new look of this franchise to communicate strongly to a global audience. The NBA is international. Pale-ass Asian bros like me still need to be able to buy into the team’s look and feel. What if I want to rock a Devin Harris jersey?

I think the easy thing to do is to gravitate to the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, and I think that using a singular piece of the bridge proves to be an interesting approach as a logo, although I think she should continue to explore other possibilities. I think that she’s going to have to create some kind of wordmark for the actual Brooklyn Beat name that will lock-up well with the mark. We’ll see how things develop!

Next week, we’ll see our groups’ initial business logos that were randomly assigned out of the Atlanta telephone book. I’m looking forward to seeing how they think outside of the sports realm.

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