Hennessy Very Special Flask Sleeve

September 6th, 2010 by Larry


Check out these new limited edition Hennessy Very Special flask sleeves. They’re a high-quality silicon ‘skin’ for your bottle, which both protects it and decorates it. Not only does the silicon feel good in your hands, it also looks good. The detailing on the sleeve is really well executed; the grape vine pattern from the label is repeated on the front of the sleeve, and the inside texture is made up of the Hennessy script. The slip-resistant grip is perfect for football tailgates and other “raising hell” moments this fall.

Since the new V.S. flask sleeve comes in so many different, bright colors, you can get one to match your favorite team or your favorite sneakers. The yellow sleeve, shown above, perfectly matches my Nike Hyperfuse “Del Sol” that I’ve been rocking lately. It goes on the bottle really easily and fits snugly. Once it’s on simply pull the top back and take a swig! You can snag one at your local liquor store for a mere $12.99.

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2 Responses

  1. ev Says:

    very cool…nice toe to hand hook up.

  2. Tigerpawmalitia Says:

    where can i get those?
    and dont even drink Henny like that anymore

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