Foos It Up

September 15th, 2010 by Larry


I found myself a foosball table, and it’s going to live at our studio. I already started “punking-it-up” with stickers from all our friends and fellow creatives. See if you can spot yours! If you’re ever around, send some stickers our way and I’ll continue to give our table more character. I think this calls for an impromptu tournament at one of our event tables really soon. Perhaps the tourney winner gets free gear from @WeAreTheProcess.

Check out more photos after the jump.




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  1. spd Says:

    totally jealous. i miss the year i lived in a house with a foos table.

    that thing definitely needs some beerholders attached to it.

  2. amy Says:

    Well you know Im certainly a fan of this..awesome Larry!

  3. Bart Says:

    i spy ESP representation… we’re down for some foos anytime buddy

  4. Epidemik Coalition » Blog Archive » Cherry Tomatoes! Says:

    [...] If you’ve ever played foosball against us or one of our mates at The Local on Ponce de Leon, you’ve heard us exclaim, “Cherry Tomato!” whenever the time comes to play the newest, cleanest (and therefore fastest) ball of the lot. The resemblance to a cherry tomato (or bubblegum) is uncanny with these fresh foosballs. Our new set just arrived for the table at our studio. Be sure to stop by sometime and challenge us. Category: Misc., ATL Life Comment: Leave a Comment [...]

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