Customer Service: East Point Chick-Fil-A

November 29th, 2010 by Larry


Often times, our crew will visit the Chick-Fil-A near our studio for lunch and we are always treated with the most excellent customer service at this particular location. Seriously, the service balls out on that of the famous Dwarf House and Peachtree locations. It’s crazy to think that a little fast food restaurant could impress so greatly outside of the genre. It’s not to say that the other locations of Chick-Fil-A have bad customer service, but the East Point one is the spot. They bring your food to your table, take your trays from you when you’re done so you don’t have to get up, refill drinks for you, and do it all with a smile. Special orders? No problem. They even have fancy mood lighting to make it feel like you and your friends are sitting down for a holiday meal. Slow clap for Southern hospitality.

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  1. taylor Says:

    spicy chicken sandwhich be off the chain! only prob is that they’re closed on sunday

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