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4 Horsemen Poster Series Coming Soon

December 30th, 2010 by Georgios


Since we started the Process Clothing Line, we have released a new horseman every other season and with the next season approaching we plan to release the last and final Horseman, Famine. In addition to the Famine T-shirt, we will also be offering the whole series as posters on our Process Online Store. Stay tuned for more info and sneak peaks of the last horseman.

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Franklin Barbecue – Austin, TX

December 28th, 2010 by Larry

Dr. Pepper soft drink, Tipsy Texan Sandwich ($4.95), & potato salad.

I met some high school buddies for lunch while in Austin last week & I knew the notion of letting one of them pick the spot was going to be an adventure. One of the recent trends in the Austin food scene is food trucks, food trailers, and even food trailer parks. My friend, Rob, insisted that we check out the trailer, Franklin Barbecue, located right off an I-35 access road. I had previously heard that Franklin Barbecue was infamous for it’s long lines because of the quality of the food & the abundant Southern hospitality shown to every customer at the trailer’s service window. I wasn’t surprised with our hour-and-fifteen-minute wait surrounded by a teasing, smoky richness in the air.

When we finally reached the window to order, we were greeted with a tension-diffusing “Hey, you must be hungry after that wait, right?!?” Instantly, any animosity felt by our long wait was gone. I ordered a Tipsy Texan sandwich containing a large helping of chopped beef, sausage, onions, pickles, and cole slaw which was prepared in front of me by owner Aaron Franklin. When he found out I was visiting from Georgia, he gave me 2 head-sized slabs of brisket for free, just to try… and boy, was that brisket amazing! It’s a good sign any time brisket falls apart as soon as you poke it with a fork!

My next trip to TX won’t be complete without another visit to Franklin Barbecue, but I don’t know where I’ll find them, as they are planning a transition to a brick-and-mortar storefront very soon. Stay up to date on those developments by following @FranklinBbq on Twitter.

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Mellow Johnny’s

December 27th, 2010 by Larry


If you’re a bike enthusiast, I’d recommend spending some time in Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop in Austin, Texas. I spent a few days in the land of SXSW this past week and I couldn’t pass-up the opportunity to see Lance Armstrong’s store in person. Lance’s nickname is Mellow Johnny (a play on maillot jaune, which is French for Yellow Jersey). I don’t ride bikes but a lot of my friends do, so I was more interested in capturing this amazing storefront sign. The craftsmanship that went into creating this one of a kind sign really amazes me. I wish more businesses in ATL could boast a similar sensibility for design.

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Jordan CP3.IV Launch Event

December 20th, 2010 by Larry


“Quick Can’t Be Caught”

Jordan Brand unveiled the latest signature sneaker for New Orleans Hornets guard, Chris Paul, coupled with a media event that allowed me to wear test the shoes in real basketball situations on Thursday, December 16th.

The CP3.IV is the fourth iteration of the CP line and it contains some impressive developments I haven’t seen in a Jordan line before. A majority of the upper contains minimal seams and is constructed of a lightweight mesh, leather, and synthetic. The technique used here reminds me of a previously developed technology in the Nike Hyperfuse, sneaker that debuted earlier this year and is worn by a large number of NBA players.

Our media group was taken to New Orleans arena where we met with Chris Paul and designer Jason Mayden to discuss the performance details and design influences in the sneaker. Mayden describes Chris Paul as “a motorcycle among cars” and the CP3.IV has a traditional herringbone pattern applied in a non-traditional way to enhance CP3′s ability to duck in and out of on-court traffic. The tread provides extra traction by wrapping along the big toe and up the inside of the shoe’s midsole to allow CP3 to make directional changes quicker than ever before.

More after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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Bud’s Broiler – New Orleans

December 20th, 2010 by Larry


If you find yourself in New Orleans and you’re craving food outside of the bland, tourist trap genre, I suggest going to one of the seven Bud’s Broiler locations. No, they aren’t on Bourbon Street next to the permanent Spring Break clubs, but it’s well worth the venture away from consuming mindlessly prepared food. I’m sorry, but another round fried alligator bites turdlets is going to cause me to slap someone. Bud’s Broiler has been around since 1952 and it’s reputation among locals speaks for itself. Make sure you ask for the smoked sauce as it compliments your burger, fries, and onion rings unlike ketchup ever will.

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Swamp Tour

December 20th, 2010 by Larry


I spent the past few days in New Orleans with Jordan Brand. One of the activities they had planned for us was out-of-control! You’ll never believe who I met…
Find out after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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Oregon’s New Digs

December 14th, 2010 by Larry


Today, Nike unveiled the Pro Combat uniforms & cleats that the Oregon Ducks will be wearing during their National Championship game against Auburn on January 10th, 2011. Coach Chip Kelly was consulted by Nike’s designer Todd Van Horne who stated, “We worked with him and designed something that will actually look like blur on the field.”

That highlighter accent on the carbon fiber helmets, jerseys, and the socks will definitely (and hopefully) scald the eyeballs of the Auburn Tigers/War Eagle (can they just decide if they are a bird or a cat?)

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Nike iD Zoom Kobe VI

December 11th, 2010 by Larry


Today, Nike unveiled the iD options available for purchase on their upcoming Zoom Kobe VI sneaker. This is my favorite looking Kobe signature shoe so far, and I’m really excited that they are adding this to the arsenal of iD-able sneakers. They are also allowing you to choose different soles depending on whether you intend on playing on hardwood or asphalt. For a graphic design/night-owl bro like myself, I’m going with the asphalt option for extra durability. Also, you can customize your kicks with translucent colored soles if you pick the asphalt option.

Recently, I’ve been into ridiculously loud sneakers, so what you see above is what I plan on ordering for myself on December 24th when the kicks officially go on sale. What about yourself? What’s your inspiration? Hawks? Falcons? Lakers? Celts? All Black Everything? Start customizing now at the Nike iD Zoom Kobe VI Facebook Page.

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Rob Wonder’s Foundation Steppers

December 10th, 2010 by Georgios


This Sunday is the release of Rob Wonder’s Newest Mix, Foundation Steppers. It’s described as “An Adventure into Reggae and Dubstep”. The artwork was created by Local Artist, Dr. Dax The release party will be held at Young Blood Gallery from 6-8 PM. Come out and show your support.

Check out new monthly mixes by Rob Wonder on his radio show No Static At All @

Download Foundation Steppers Here

Release Party:
Young Blood Gallery
Sunday, Dec. 12th
6-8 PM

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Respect Magazine x Kodak: John Gotty

December 10th, 2010 by Larry

One of the great people I’ve met this year is John Gotty of the Smoking Section. He is one of the most behind-the-scenes, yet one of the most influential people in hip-hop. His passion for news, sports, music, & fashion has been evident to me whether we’re talking about Team USA or the latest offering from We Are the Process. He always has a good idea to lend and his work ethic is unparalleled. He’ll run circles around you!

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