Dallas: Centre & Atama

December 2nd, 2010 by Larry

Our good friends at Centre have opened a new location and added a vinyl toy storefront called Atama to the upper level of their new store. Jorge and I saw the empty location a few weeks back when they were finishing renovations. It’s awesome to see a prominent taste-making store in my hometown and I can’t wait to stop by and see how things are going over the holidays. Congrats to store owner Phillip Sterling and his crew for doing an amazing job with their new space. If you look closely at 2:20 you can see some new We Are the Process gear hanging on the racks! It’s awesome to know that the premier spot in Dallas is carrying a line that I’m part of. Fun fact: Philip and I went to the same middle-school/high-school but never realized that we had crossed paths until we met again at his store a few years ago. Small world y’all…

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  1. Jorge Says:

    If you’re out in Dallas, the new Centre is a MUST see, y’all! Congrats, Phillip!

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