Jordan CP3.IV Launch Event

December 20th, 2010 by Larry


“Quick Can’t Be Caught”

Jordan Brand unveiled the latest signature sneaker for New Orleans Hornets guard, Chris Paul, coupled with a media event that allowed me to wear test the shoes in real basketball situations on Thursday, December 16th.

The CP3.IV is the fourth iteration of the CP line and it contains some impressive developments I haven’t seen in a Jordan line before. A majority of the upper contains minimal seams and is constructed of a lightweight mesh, leather, and synthetic. The technique used here reminds me of a previously developed technology in the Nike Hyperfuse, sneaker that debuted earlier this year and is worn by a large number of NBA players.

Our media group was taken to New Orleans arena where we met with Chris Paul and designer Jason Mayden to discuss the performance details and design influences in the sneaker. Mayden describes Chris Paul as “a motorcycle among cars” and the CP3.IV has a traditional herringbone pattern applied in a non-traditional way to enhance CP3′s ability to duck in and out of on-court traffic. The tread provides extra traction by wrapping along the big toe and up the inside of the shoe’s midsole to allow CP3 to make directional changes quicker than ever before.

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Upon entering our locker room at New Orleans Arena, we were greeted with individually branded locker space.

photo provided by Jordan Brand

Chris Paul entered the locker room shortly after we had suited-up in his new sneaker to speak on behalf of the CP3.IV.


He then demonstrated how his playing style was complimented by the forefoot Podulon and herringbone traction on the CP3.IV.

photo by George Kiel of NiceKicks

Designer Jason Mayden explained how he was able to integrate his aesthetic predilection for Japanese robots, such as Gundam Wing, into the CP3.IV. I quickly noticed how the venting pattern on the upper of the shoe mimics the wings of a Japanese robot. Mayden also introduced us to his very own Chris Paul robot toy. I’d gladly take one of these if he has a spare prototype!


The next part of the event involved wear-testing the CP3.IV. We were taken onto the court of New Orleans Arena as we took on the Jordan Brand Skills Challenge, which is basically the same skills challenge done during NBA All-Star weekend, minus the bounce pass station. We took our turns one-by-one as we were announced by New Orleans Hornets emcee, Rob Nice.


I completed the circuit in 1:00 flat which was great for me, but totally laughable when you consider that Chris Paul completed the challenge in 31.2 seconds with 1 extra station.


My media counterparts watched along as most of us struggled through the circuit.

photo provided by Jordan Brand

Finally, here’s our media group and Chris Paul at center court of New Orleans Arena. I don’t know what I was looking at, but I seem to be the only one distracted enough to be looking another direction. Perhaps it was that sweet NOLA + trumpet logo painted on the hardwood. Dah well…

Performance aside, many sneakerheads have one last criteria before giving a new pair of kicks a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down: they have to pass the ever-so-important jeans test. Do they look good with jeans? The answer is a resounding YES! They even work well with skinny and straight legged jeans. That’s not always the case with a Jordan product, so jam on these when they release on January 1st, 2011.

All of the above photos were taken by Jorge Menes unless otherwise indicated.
The following detailed photos of the CP3.IV were provided by Jordan Brand.






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