Marvel vs. Capcom 3

February 15th, 2011 by Larry


I rarely get excited about video games. Maybe once or twice a year, a title comes out that causes me to disregard all of my nerdy insecurities and just commit to being one of the many geeks to attend a midnight release. Given the track record of the Marvel vs. Capcom series, I knew this 3rd installment would be worth standing in line with 75 self-proclaimed “gamers”. If you’re unfamiliar with the MVC series: it’s a game allowing users to pick from a catalog of popular Marvel Comics & Capcom characters to fight to the death in a classic Street Fighter format.

The game is easy to pick-up without apprehension, yet it also very rewarding to players who are more familiar with playing prior versions of the game. I’m still clearly in the novice-button-mashing category, yet I’m still able to go online and hold my own against players on the PlayStation Network. I’ve gotten my butt kicked and I’ve also held my own by simply learning a trick or two. One of the best features of the game is that all the controls and special moves are diagrammed for each character on the pause screen, so there’s no need to read & memorize the instruction manual before giving the game a whirl. I can see myself getting better at the game with a little more practice, yet I’d be just as happy to watch others play it as well. The graphics are visually stunning. I think I’m more of a nerd for the comic art more than playing the game itself, and there’s a lot of stunning artwork to be seen on this instant classic.

Here’s X-23 vs. Wolverine. X-23 is the female equivalent to Wolverine in the game and her controls are very similar. I found that after mastering the controls of Wolverine, I was quickly able to conquer X-23 as well. Both are Marvel Comics characters.

When your trio of fighters wins a battle, you get a victory screen. In this instance I was able to win with a combination of Marvel & Capcom players: Ryu, X-23, & Sentinal (one of the first unlockable characters).

In the arcade mode, you have to play against larger-than-life characters such as Galactus from the Fantastic Four comic book series.

Finally, I was really excited to see alternate costumes & colorways for the Marvel characters, especially this black-suit Spiderman.

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