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Nike All Star Game Footwear

February 15th, 2011 by Larry


With the NBA All Star Game approaching this Sunday, Nike introduces All Star versions of their signature basketball sneakers for Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, & Kevin Durant. Inspired by the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, Nike designers have integrated a lenticular material in the sneakers to create the illusion of three-dimensional moving images. More after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3

February 15th, 2011 by Larry


I rarely get excited about video games. Maybe once or twice a year, a title comes out that causes me to disregard all of my nerdy insecurities and just commit to being one of the many geeks to attend a midnight release. Given the track record of the Marvel vs. Capcom series, I knew this 3rd installment would be worth standing in line with 75 self-proclaimed “gamers”. If you’re unfamiliar with the MVC series: it’s a game allowing users to pick from a catalog of popular Marvel Comics & Capcom characters to fight to the death in a classic Street Fighter format.

The game is easy to pick-up without apprehension, yet it also very rewarding to players who are more familiar with playing prior versions of the game. I’m still clearly in the novice-button-mashing category, yet I’m still able to go online and hold my own against players on the PlayStation Network. I’ve gotten my butt kicked and I’ve also held my own by simply learning a trick or two. One of the best features of the game is that all the controls and special moves are diagrammed for each character on the pause screen, so there’s no need to read & memorize the instruction manual before giving the game a whirl. I can see myself getting better at the game with a little more practice, yet I’d be just as happy to watch others play it as well. The graphics are visually stunning. I think I’m more of a nerd for the comic art more than playing the game itself, and there’s a lot of stunning artwork to be seen on this instant classic. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sticker Swap

February 14th, 2011 by Larry


My good friend from Tennessee, John Gotty, from the Smoking Section and I were having an intense conversation about sticker hoarding a few weeks back while taking in the Lakers vs. Celtics at Staples Center. It seems that his hoarding has far surpassed my habit, as shown in his recent article. Today, I received some of his stickers in exchange for some of our new ones that I recently sent over. If anyone else wants to continue swapping stickers, just holler!

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Lucky Followers

February 11th, 2011 by Larry


Today we sent out a stack of stickers to each of the winners from our Twitter contest the other day. If you’d like to be considered next time, you know what to do: Follow @WeAreTheProcess.

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Grip Plyaz “Damn Vans” Studio Preview

February 10th, 2011 by Larry

One of my favorite ATL-based rappers, Grip Plyaz, has been down with our brand, We Are the Process, since day one. I love that he’s rocking that grey/teal Chief Nokahoma fitted in this video. Thanks for the support homie!

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EC Design Co. Letterpressed Cards

February 9th, 2011 by Larry

We are often asked where & how we got our business cards produced and we point them directly to Red Bird Ink. Here’s a look into the production of them from the eye of my unsteady iPhone footage. Enjoy!

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Staples Center Tilt-Shift

February 7th, 2011 by Larry

Click to view large

I’m not a photographer by any means but a lot of my friends are. One of my favorite things to discuss with them is the art of creating a great tilt-shift photo. Often times I find myself competing (and losing) for awesome tilt-shift photos with Joe Martinez. During my trip to LA last weekend for the Nike Basketball All Star Pre Heat Event, our media group attended the Lakers vs. Celtics game at Staples Center and I gave the tilt-shift thing another test. How do you think my photo turned out? Do you see how tiny Rajon Rondo looks out there?

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NSW – “Destroy With Speed” Destroyer Jackets

February 6th, 2011 by Larry


As they enter Cowboys Stadium today to play in Super Bowl XLV, four key Nike athletes will be wearing custom “Destroy With Speed” Destroyer Jackets by Nike Sportswear. These jackets bear hints of volt green which has been a signature Nike color to reference speed as of late. Each jacket is emblazoned with the players’ position, on-field jersey number, and last name stitched on the breast and will surely break a few necks during pre-game activites. Check out more photos after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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Peter, Bjorn, and John – Second Chance

February 6th, 2011 by Larry


Everyone’s favorite Swedish 3-piece rock outfit is back with a new album, Gimme Some, releasing on March 29th, 2011. The first single, Second Chance, marks the band’s return to pure pop rock which is what many have been yearning to hear from them for a few albums now. Previous albums have been darker and/or more experimental but it’s expected that this newest effort will not disappoint. It’s a pleasure to hear the band straight rocking out.

Download: Peter, Bjorn, and John – Second Chance

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Reggie Ball Autograph

February 4th, 2011 by Larry


Reggie Ball, one of my favorite GT players in recent memory sent over an autographed picture to the crew (via @RuelVaz). Thanks Reggie!

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