Making of our “Dirty South” Flag

March 10th, 2011 by Larry


We recently decided that we needed a real world version of the “Dirty South” flag from our Thirteen graphic tee. We knew we wanted to use it in shooting our Spring ’11 lookbook and we also wanted something substantial and meaningful to display in our space at StyleX. Here are some photos detailing the process of creating this icon.

First, we traced and cut out 13 stars from a white canvas material.

Here, we decided on the placement for each of the 13 stars.

We took each star and frayed the edges and even burned some of them to give them a weathered look.

We then sewed the stripes together with white and black fabrics.

Here’s a rough pic of me holding up a panel of sewn stripes.

After the flag was assembled, we put it through an extra-special antiquing process. By ‘extra-special’ I mean we dyed it with coffee and tea in a bucket!

Finally, a little more burning & fraying completes the look!

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