Coca-Cola BBQ Sauce [Round 1]

April 8th, 2011 by Larry


I love the idea of cooking with Coca-Cola (& Dr. Pepper) so much that I started talking about making a BBQ sauce out of Coca-Cola on the long drive back from SXSW. By the time we got home, Georgios had already found several recipes on the internet. I decided to try one that sounded rather easy. As you can see here, all of the ingredients are easily found in a grocery store.

I was relatively happy with the recipe from the internet, but it’s going to need some tweaking. My main gripe with the recipe I worked from was that too many of the ingredients were basically sauces themselves. There’s gotta be another way! I’m going to continue to perfect this recipe until I have a handle on it. Someday I’ll share it with you! But not until it’s ready.

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  1. Matt Hanna Says:

    I have one that you guys should try out shortly if we cross paths again in charleston in the near future. My family and I are branding and marketing it and it’s a 25 year old family recipe. What kind of sauce do you all favor? Vinegar, Mustard, Sweet?

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