Jamie Woon – TMRW

April 8th, 2011 by Staff


Jamie Woon’s music is a unique blend of tender, soulful vocals laid on top of simple drum kit beats and samples. The combination is something I haven’t heard before, but somehow it works. Woon’s smooth and distinct voice contrasts the colder, synthetic instrumentals really well. His first full-length record, Mirrorwriting, begins with Night Air, the single that got him recognized when it was first released on his debut EP, Wayfaring Stranger. The hit song, with its catchy chorus and spacey vibe, is definitely the stand out track of the album. But more R&B-esque songs like TMRW are also unique, enjoyable tracks. Overall, this odd but intruiging mix of genres is definitely worth a listen.

Download: Jamie Woon – TMRW

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