Mae Couture

April 21st, 2011 by Larry

Mae Couture at The Center for Design Study in Atlanta, GA.

Yesterday, Georgios and I dropped by The Center for Design study to say hello to our friend Rick Anwyl. Many of you will remember Rick as the guy who gave our company a home in his building immediately after we graduated from Portfolio Center in 2007. During our visit yesterday, we met fashion designer Caroline Mae, creator of the line Mae Couture. Upon seeing her work from across the room, we thought her dresses looked amazing.

After talking to her for 2 minutes, we realized that her clothes are constructed out of old military parachutes! Whaaaat?!? Take a second to think about that. These soft, beautifully crafted pieces once existed to provide a soft landing for military men and were made to withstand the elements. Now, I wouldn’t call myself a fashion designer (because what Georgios & I do have more to do with graphic design and visual communication on the canvas of a tee or cap) but I will say that I haven’t seen anything this interesting or exciting come out of the world of fashion in quite some time. Mae Couture is truly cool. Now if only we can get her to create some stuff for the bros…

More photos after the jump.

This stamp appears somewhere along the draping of the orange dress shown above.

Here, Caroline shows us this sweet jacket fit for your next music video.

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