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Warpaint Nokahoma Mini Stickers

April 11th, 2011 by Larry


A new batch of mini-Nokahoma stickers just arrived this morning. This time we gave them the “warpaint” treatment. Unlike the previous batch of these stickers, this run comes in a slightly smaller size; perfect for sticking on phones and sketchbooks. As always, you can score a handful with every purchase in the We Are the Process Online Boutique.

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Coca-Cola BBQ Sauce [Round 1]

April 8th, 2011 by Larry


I love the idea of cooking with Coca-Cola (& Dr. Pepper) so much that I started talking about making a BBQ sauce out of Coca-Cola on the long drive back from SXSW. By the time we got home, Georgios had already found several recipes on the internet. I decided to try one that sounded rather easy. As you can see here, all of the ingredients are easily found in a grocery store.

I was relatively happy with the recipe from the internet, but it’s going to need some tweaking. My main gripe with the recipe I worked from was that too many of the ingredients were basically sauces themselves. There’s gotta be another way! I’m going to continue to perfect this recipe until I have a handle on it. Someday I’ll share it with you! But not until it’s ready.

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Jamie Woon – TMRW

April 8th, 2011 by Staff


Jamie Woon’s music is a unique blend of tender, soulful vocals laid on top of simple drum kit beats and samples. The combination is something I haven’t heard before, but somehow it works. Woon’s smooth and distinct voice contrasts the colder, synthetic instrumentals really well. His first full-length record, Mirrorwriting, begins with Night Air, the single that got him recognized when it was first released on his debut EP, Wayfaring Stranger. The hit song, with its catchy chorus and spacey vibe, is definitely the stand out track of the album. But more R&B-esque songs like TMRW are also unique, enjoyable tracks. Overall, this odd but intruiging mix of genres is definitely worth a listen.

Download: Jamie Woon – TMRW

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Mike Germon for Streetela

April 7th, 2011 by Larry

Our friend, Mike Germon of ThoughtMarker, did this video interview for in our Pale Rider tee. Nice look bro!

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The Kills – Future Starts Slow

April 5th, 2011 by Staff


With all the crazy genre-hopping music being released recently, it’s refreshing to hear a good example of pure, hard-hitting indie rock. Three years after releasing their sophomore record, Midnight Boom, The Kills are back with the same raw, soulful sound with their new record, Blood Pressures. Listening to this record, it’s hard to imagine that it was made by just a couple of friends who met while staying in the same hotel with their bands at the time. The duo creates a wide variety of sounds on their third effort: from raw, grainy guitar riffs to softer ballads with tender vocals. The record opens up with my personal favorite, Future Starts Slow, and its hard hitting drum intro welcomes you into an enjoyable set of nothing but 100% indie rock.

Download: The Kills – Future Starts Slow

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