Atlanta Thrashers of Winnipeg

May 21st, 2011 by Larry

Welp, it looks like we’re going to lose our hockey team. This is shameful. For a city the size of Atlanta, it’s sad that we won’t have hockey. My only thought is that the on-ice product has been so bad over the years. When the team actually made the playoffs that 1 time, attendance was through the roof. More ATLiens attended hockey games than in any other NHL city.

The Atlanta Spirit Group consistently put crappy teams together and Atlanta fans stayed away. On any given day, there is always something amazing to do in Atlanta, so “watching the Thrashers get spanked” isn’t near the top of many to-do lists. Oh well… This will be the end of hockey in Atlanta for quite some time. Perhaps we can get an MLS team instead. Mark my words: I will purchase season tickets if we get a pro soccer team.

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