Death Cab for Cutie – Monday Morning

June 15th, 2011 by Staff


Death Cab for Cutie have come a long way from their low-fi Bellingham, WA origins. They gained mega fame with Plans in 2005 with hits Soul Meets Body and I Will Follow You into the Dark, and have been pushing their sound away from the homegrown indie and towards the high-polish mainstream ever since. Although progress for a band is always encouraged, with their new album, Codes and Keys, there comes a nostalgia for the older, rawer Death Cab and the days of Something About Airplanes and The Photo Album. And even direct, more mainstream songs akin to Soul Meets Body are rare on this new record. However, familiarity isn’t completely lost on Codes & Keys. Stay Young Go Dancing, Monday Morning and the single You Are Tourist have more of what’s expected from the group, more of their signature sound and have some very catchy hooks. But it’s lost again with muffled beats and rumbling introductions like on Unobstructed Views. The record is definitely worth a listen for the highlight tracks, but there’s something missing on the album as a whole. But through it all, lovers of the band still get 11 new tracks of Ben Gibbard’s unmistakable voice and some gems that stay true to what’s lovable about Death Cab. Check out Monday Morning from the new record.

Download: Death Cab for Cutie – Monday Morning

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