Repping for Life

June 27th, 2011 by Larry


Our Charleston-based friends KJ and Matt came to Atlanta to spend the weekend doing some low key activities that included a visit to our studio, lemon pepper wings at The Local, and watching the Gold Cup Final between USA and Mexico.

I’m not sure if it was the exhilaration from witnessing the USA’s first 2 goals, or the libation-fueled disappointment from seeing Mexico score 4 straight spirit-crushing goals, but the night air promised something more. The USMNT may have been down and out, but our night was not over! Things took a drastic turn when our homies from SC made the spontaneous decision to get tattooed with the We Are the Process “Tommys” logo.

Do you have ink inspired by We Are the Process brand? If so, send in the proof and we’ll compile a post with all your photos. Just hit that nifty, new contact button in the left sidebar or email us at info [at]

More photographic evidence after the jump.

Chris Howell from Southern Star Tattoo places the stencil.


KJ wasn’t second-guessing his decision one bit! I went outside to take a phone call and he was half-way done getting inked by the time I walked back in!


Bonus photo! The boys came by the studio and posed in front of our war-torn thirteen-starred flag o’ the Dirty South. Unintentionally Stankonia…

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