Stranger Day – Bar Stool Bounce [Press Kit]

June 28th, 2011 by Larry


Today we received Stranger Day‘s beautifully-crafted press kit in the mail. As if hard copies of his Bar Stool Bounce EP weren’t cool enough, we received an assortment of stickers (not pictured), and a huge mason jar full of Stranger Day branded MOONSHINE! I took a swig straight out of the jar and I breathed hot lava for the next hour! We’re going to drop some peaches in this jar and keep it in our studio. We’ll belligerently force you to do shots of Stranger Day “Peach State” Moonshine with us if you visit! Fair warning!

If you haven’t downloaded Bar Stool Bounce yet, click here!

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  1. jared Says:

    great packaging design. i wanna taste that moonshine!

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