Basketballfeld: The Craziest Court Ever

June 29th, 2011 by Larry


German design collective, inges idee, have created this wild basketball court at the Occupational School Center in Munich. From the looks of the photos, it’d be impossible to hold an actual 5-on-5 style game on this court, but perhaps an interesting game of H-O-R-S-E could ensue?

What do you guys think about this? Is this considered smart art? Or is it a waste of space and resources?

More photos and inges idee‘s explanation of the court’s purpose after the jump.


“A regulation-sized basketball court was erected on the grove-like forecourt of the school building of the occupational school. The court consists of a soft orange-red tartan covering and two normed baskets and seems to be forced over the grid of the lamps that have been set up. The playable court has been “morphed” as in a 3D program on a computer and looks like the grounds of a rollercoaster, with heights and depths and calm and dynamic zones. The resulting paradox, which moves between a normative set of rules and pleasurable, anarchic change, requires creative engagement for its use.”


From the looks of the photos, there is no actual ball in sight. It seems that most of the students are merely using the space as a place to socialize and relax. #OkayThen


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  1. Georgios Says:

    It looks cool but it’s not functional. You can’t play a game on this court so why even make it into a basketball court. Makes no sense.

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