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June 29th, 2011 by Larry


Today I spent the afternoon with an old friend, Megan Huntz, of Megan Huntz Dresses. Over the past few years she has spent time producing her dresses in Italy and Barcelona, but has recently moved her business back to the USA. She has converted her Atlanta, GA home into a dress-making studio that I’ve decided to document here.

Her workspace is a true testament to her work ethic. She takes her craft seriously and she’s going to make moves. It’s great to have Megan back in ATL and I’m excited for the imminent success of her brand! Attention slackers: You can keep making excuses about not having resources handed to you, or you can make magic. Your call.

Check out the rest of Megan’s workspace after the jump.


Here is a mood/memory wall consisting of photos and other relics from Megan’s experiences overseas.


On the left: Megan sitting on her balcony with her dog Gustavo.
On the right: One of Megan’s new creations modeled by paper Beyoncé.


There’s an inside joke about cacti here…


Framed images from a previous Megan Huntz Dresses photoshoot. These are blown-up Polaroid images taken by Jamie Hopper.


This is the “welcome to my mansion” dress consisting of hand-dyed fabric, using salt water from the ocean.


The floor of Megan’s workroom is lined with this cowskin rug; a gift from a homeless dude on the side of the road.


A painting from Megan’s grandmother and an illustration from Wade Thompson of Son and Sons.


New kicks. One pair for running, the other for chillin’.

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