Curren$y – Weekend at Burnie’s

June 30th, 2011 by Staff


New Orleans rapper Curren$y has been knocking out records non-stop since his solo start in 2004; in the past year alone he’s released four albums on his own, as well as numerous guest appearances on other projects and a couple of mixtapes. You’d think with that much material in such a short time, Curren$y would skimp on quality, but his records have been solid; receiving flattering reviews, and even loving high scores from Pitchfork Media. Although his latest effort, Weekend at Burnie’s, is branded with some painfully cheesy cover art, complete with the same type treatment as the late 80′s movies from which it takes it’s name (Weekend at Bernie’s) and rainbow smoke, the actual content of the album is pretty impressive. Curren$y hardly pauses to take a breath for the whole ride, the tracks are incredibly dense and the lyrics are quality too, with tons of allusions, mentioning everything from Bape to J. Crew, and even a handful of Twitter references (the single even has a hashtag in the title). The soft beats and melodies, mixed and produced by Monsta Beatz do a good job of not getting in the way of Curren$y’s lyrics; and the combination make for a solid rap album. Check out the first single from the record, #JetsGo.

Download – Curren$y – #JetsGo

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